Corporate Services


  • Societat Anonima (SA) – Corporation with minimum capital requirement of EUR 60.000
  • Societat Limitada (SL) – Limited liability company with minimum capital requirement of EUR 3.000

* Please note that the Andorran company registry is public. However, to obtain information about company owners, one must submit a letter to the Government of Andorra explaining the reasons for requesting such information.

The total time required to establish a company typically ranges from 2 to 4 months.

It is necessary to visit Andorra at least once during this process. Alternatively, clients have the option to grant Limited Power of Attorney to Alpha Partners SLU to handle the registration on their behalf, thus avoiding additional travel and postal expenses.


1. Government procedures

a) Business name Reservation – Processing time: from 7 – 10 days. Necessary documents: Passport copy

b) Application for foreign investment approval – Processing time: around 30 days

Necessary documents if founder is physical person:

– Notarized passport copy of the founder with Apostille de la Hague or notarized copy of the owner’s passport done by Andorran notary

-Criminal record certificate from owner’s country of residence, notarized with Apostille de la Hague

*In case where the founder is a legal entity, a list of necessary documents will be provided.

c) Opening a bank account for deposit of company’s share capital: around 2 months. Required documents:

– Passport copy with address confirmation
– Bank forms filled and duly signed

2. Notary procedures

Andorran Notary: Notarization of Articles of Incorporation. The owner must be present at notary or may leave Power of Attorney

Company registration: 15 days

*After finishing this step, client can use the company

3. Opening the “business” of the Company – 30 days. Commune procedures (Comú) – Local

This must be done in 3 months after forming a company.
*Client must rent apartment or office in order to register the “business” of the company

4. Tax procedures

Tax registration NRT (TIN) (Tax Identification Number)

Processing time: instant

Total time necessary to form a company 4 – 6 months.

It is necessary to visit Andorra at least once. Optionally client can give Limited Power of Attorney to Alpha Partners SLU in order to avoid additional travel and postal expenses for registration.