Who we are

A globally recognized experts providing turn-key solutions for HNWI. Our field of expertise includes the financial consulting, banking, asset management, legal advisory services, immigration, lobbying, assistance in tax matters.

What we do

Protecting wealth and personal freedom. Restructuring and optimizing old offshore structures. We are selecting and offering only the best solutions.

Where we work

Head office is located in Andorra with several representative offices and partners around the world.


Wealth protection

At Alpha Partners Consultants Wealth Management, we are the firm you can depend on to help you achieve your financial goals through our licensed partners. Your aspirations may involve your family, your business or the legacy you want to leave. We can help you navigate cross-border opportunities, changes and challenges as they happen—from generation to generation.


International Knowledge

Our management consulting services focus on our client’s most critical issues and opportunities:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Financial management
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Due Diligence
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Banking
  • International expansion
  • Cross – border operations

Client Focus

Very often, clients engage in independent negotiation or contract conclusion with a service provider without being aware of their rights and obligations, and above all, the risks that such a relationship carries. Our banking experience will help you fully understand your position and minimize your risks


Personal freedom

We provide quality services to clients for immigration in compliance with the Immigration laws
and regulations. Our services are fair, efficient and transparent. Our quality services let clients to
accomplish their mission to immigrate and attain a new height to maintain higher standard of
living and access to world class education.

About us

About us

Alpha Partners Consultants provide a wide array of services in multiple jurisdictions. With our staff and partners located all over the world, we are able to better serve our international clients. Alpha Partners Consultants is the consulting firm that works as your advisor and trusted partner in your business expansion. We tell our clients what they need to know, instead of what they want to hear. Most important, we are known for being a one-stop solution for our valued clients.

Why Alpha Partners Consultant

  • Knowledge of personal, business, and legal environment of the jurisdiction we offer, including both the advantages and disadvantages.

  • Because it will save you. Our prices may initially seem higher, but don’t forget that you’ll avoid many costly mistakes, additional trips and stays abroad, etc.

  • Valuable business experience and established business relationships and personal contacts that have been built over decades by our team members in the jurisdictions we offer.

  • Because we have personal experience in banking, which is a crucial aspect of any business abroad.

  • Unique cross-border expertise.

  • Even if we don’t cover a specific area in the countries we offer, we can quickly find suitable contacts and solutions.

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