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Description Optional Price(€)
Preparation of documents for obtaining Andorran passive residency according to list of documents. Filling the neccessary forms for immigration service. 2500
Translation of documents into Catalan. Invoice will be forwarded to client for payment from official translator in Andorra. Price per page. 60
Govern D Andorra immigration procedure fees. 220
Searching for appartment neccessary for obtaining residency permit and signing the contract in the clients name. 300 300
Bank account opening assistance 500 500
Power of Attorney from the client, for managing residence procedure costs including notary fees 200 200
Optional services after getting residence permit
Registration in local municipality 200 200
Obtaining Tax number with Andorran Tax authorities 150 150
Letters scanning and management and once per month visit to clients appartment. Monthly fee 100 100
Prepaid or postpaid phone number in Andorra. One time fee. 50 50
Personal tax declaration. Rate per hour 500
Additional random services. Rate per hour. 50
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TOTAL 2720

* All prices are without Andorra VAT (IGI) 4.5%. After signing this offer, the client agrees to pay 75% advance payment for the services, which will not be returned in case that the Government of the country where services are provided, does not approve any of submitted applications. Alpha Partners SLU does not guarantee that a positive Government decision on any submitted applications will be granted, and it cannot be held responsible in any way for a failure to perform by third parties.

** Integral part of this offer is the list of documents that a client should prepare for the service to be provided to client.

*** By signing this offer client agrees to the above mentioned prices and conditions and hereby authorizes Alpha Partners SLU or its subcontractors and employees to conduct all necessary

I hereby agree with aforementioned conditions.

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