Company Formation in Serbia

Procedure and list of necessary documents

Company name reservation


  • Providing a local lawyer with Limited Power of Attorney (this can be done in the country of origin or Serbia)
    *In case PoA is issued in another country it has to be Apostilled and translated into Serbian. Preferably the translation should be done in Serbia.
  • Criminal record certificate from the police department in home country;
  • A copy of passport (notarization not necessary)
  • Three proposals of the company name;
  • A brief description of future activities of the company;

* Processing time 2 days.


Verification of the Articles of Incorporation

  • Notarization of a standard form of the Articles of Incorporation.

* Processing time: 1 day.


Registration in the Serbian Business Registration Agency

* Processing time: 3-4 days.


Providing an address for the company and a personal residence


  • • Renting or purchasing an office/apartment. Rents start from 150 EUR per month.

*Processing time: 3 days


Signing up for temporary residence (White Card)


  • Processing time: one day
  • Expiration date of this card is 90 days.


Country info
Fees and charges

Branch Formation in Serbia

If you want to continue doing business with your old (offshore or onshore) entity, we offer a unique solution. A foreign company can operate in Serbia through the registration of its business in the Serbian business registry. Thus, a foreign company can obtain the status of residence and tax ID, but without forming a new legal entity.

The process runs quickly. With limited power of attorney, this can be done within three days, without your presence. Bank account can be opened in less than 3-4 days. In total, it takes about seven days. Depending on the type of incoming payments, taxation may be close to 0%. Even if you need to pay corporate tax, it’s only 15%.

If you want to avoid a painstaking bureaucratic process, changing officials of an offshore company and do not want to wait a few months to open your non-resident bank account, this is perfect solution for you.

The only original documents we need are a new extract of the offshore/onshore entity from the country of registration/incorporation register and Incumbency Certificate. Both with an apostille.

All other documents and copies of the holders’ passports can be simple copies.

Article 567

The branch of the company (hereinafter: the branch) is a separate organizational part of the company, through which the company performs activities in accordance with the law.

The branch does not have the status of a legal person, and in legal transactions, it acts on behalf and for the account of the company.

An enterprise shall be liable unlimited for the obligations towards third parties arising in the business of its branch.

Original text of the law:

Country info
Fees and charges


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