Company Formation in Montenegro

Procedure and list of necessary documents

Step 1 – Documentation requirements

  • Signing and notarizing a POA to a local lawyer, draft of will be provided by our legal experts (this can be done in the country of origin or in Montenegro)
    *In case PoA is issued in another country it has to be Apostilled and translated into Montenegrin. Preferably the translation should be done in Montenegro
  • A copy of passport (notarial certification is mandatory)
  • Proof of address (issued by a government institution, such as tax authorities, police, etc. or utility bill)
  • Completed questionnaire

* Processing time 2 days.


Step 2 – Verification of the Articles of Incorporation

  • Notarization of a standard form of the Articles of Incorporation, done by a local lawyer using the POA

* Processing time: 1 day.


Step 3 – Registration in the Montenegrin Business Registration Agency

* Processing time: 3-4 days.


Step 4 – Banking

  • Our team prepares all the documents and forms for a one working day visit to the banks for the signing and activating of the company accounts; along with that, special POA will be prepared in order to obtain and send tokens for e-banking, cards and other connected devices and documents.
Country info
Fees and charges


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